Fiji Visa

Waivers for Passports outside the Passport Validity Period ​ The expiry date of your passport can affect your entry into Fiji. All persons intending to travel into Fiji are required to have at least a 6 month validity from the date of entry into Fiji. You will be refused entry […]

Fiji Waivers for Passports

Fiji Passports Fiji Passports are issued to those who would have acquired Fiji citizenship through birth, registration and naturalization. Fiji issues three types of passport: Ordinary Passport Diplomatic Passport Emergency Passport Certificate of Identity 1. Ordinary Passport Ordinary Passports are issued to Fiji Citizens. It is bright blue and valid […]

Fiji Passport

Visa Types ​ 1. Transit Visa ​ If transit period is 3 hours or less, no visa is required however if transit period is longer than 3 hours then normal visa requirements will apply. ​ 2. Single Entry Visa (SEV) ​ This visa is valid for a single journey to […]

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