Qatar Visa

The Consular Affairs Department receive visa applications from various Qatari embassies and consulates for various cases, especially those that cannot be applied for through the electronic visa system, these applications will be dealt with, and visas approvals shall issued accordingly. Types of Visas issued by the diplomatic, consular and representative […]

Qatar Visa | Documents required

Place of submission: Recruitment Applications Reviewing Committee Visa Requirements The sponsored person shall have completed two years inside the country with the same sponsor . No Objection Certificate (NOC) from present sponsor to transfer the sponsorship to the new sponsor . Approval of the new sponsor to transfer in to […]

Qatar Visa Sponsorship change

Place of submission: Expatriate Affairs & Unified Services Centers Visa Requirements Requirements for renewing residence permit on company sponsorship and personal sponsorship Print the residence renewal application form and submit with authorized signature and stamp of the sponsor Pay the required fee for work permit and residence permit Original Passport […]

Qatar Visa Residence Permit Renewal

Place of submission: Expatriate Affairs & Unified Services Centers Visa Requirements & Visa Fee A) Requirements for RP on Personal Sponsorship Print the residence permit application form and sign it by the sponsor Submit the original passport of the employee Photo of the employee Blood group certificate Fee : Work permit […]

Qatar Visa First Time Residence Permit (New)